Using dox2U: Table of Contents

A. Workspaces 

  1. Guide: What is a Workspace 
  2. Create a Workspace 
  3. Join a Workspace 
  4. How to Find your Workspace 
  5. Sign in to your Workspace 
  6. Forgot Password to your dox2U Workspace 
  7. Navigate your Workspace Dashboard 

B. Uploading and Tagging Documents 

  1. Understand Adding Documents to dox2U 
  2. Upload a Document 
  3. Choose an Owner and Verifier for a Document 
  4. Choosing a Language for Selected Documents 
  5. Add Physical Storage Information to Updated Documents 
  6. Reassign Verification to another Workspace User 
  7. View Documents Assigned for Verification 
  8. Verify an Uploaded Document 
  9. Change Ownership of a Document 
  10. Understand Meta Data Tagging 
  11. Use Tag Templates to your Advantage 
  12. Add Tags to a Document 
  13. Create a New Template 
  14. Edit an Existing Template 
  15. Delete a Template 
  16. Share Documents 

C. Document Handling 

  1. Understanding dPages 
  2. Guide: Understanding Document Deletion 
  3. Moving Documents to Trash 
  4. How to Empty your dox2U Trash? 
  5. Permanently Deleting a Document with dox2U 
  6. How to Restore Documents from dox2U Trash 
  7. Print a Document 
  8. Download a Document 
  9. View a Document 
  10. Edit a Document 
  11. Edit Document Name 
  12. View Document Details and Activity Log
  13. Transfer Document Ownership 
  14. Locating your Documents 
  15. Filter and Search Through Document Tables 

D. Share Documents using dox2U 

  1. Guide: Sharing Documents using dox2U 
  2. Share Documents with Users and Groups 
  3. Revoke Access to Documents Shared with Users and Groups 
  4. Control Who can Share Documents 
  5. Guide: Understand Guest Access 
  6. Sharing Documents with Guests 
  7. Revoke Guest Access 
  8. View Documents Using in Guest Mode 

E. Organize Documents with dox2U 

  1. Guide: Understanding dox2U's Smart Cabinet 
  2. Show All Docs Vs. Docs I Can Access 
  3. Filters of Smart Cabinet 

F. Text Extraction 

  1. Guide: What is Text Extraction and Crawling in dox2U?
  2. View Text Extraction Status, Extracted Text, and Searchable Docs 
  3. Download Extracted Text and Searchable Doc 
  4. Send a Document for Text Extraction with a Different Language 

G. Deep Search 

  1. Guide: Understanding dox2U's Deep Search 
  2. Searching Documents in your Workspace 
  3. Advanced Search Parameters 

H. Notifications 

  1. Guide: Notification Center 
  2. View Notifications 
  3. Delete Notifications 
  4. Mark Notifications as Read