Understand the Disabled Status of the Workspace

dox2U gives the Owner of the workspace to temporarily Disable their Workspace wherein the Workspace gets locked, all signed-in Users of the workspace are informed and their sessions are terminated. This functionality has been provided as an additional security measure allowing the Owner to take action if they find any misuse by their workspace users or in the event of a security breach. 

Who Can Log in and Who Cannot?

In a Disabled state, only the Owner of the Workspace will be able to log in to the workspace with their credentials. Other members, including the Admin, will be suspended till the time the Owner enables the Workspace again.

What Workspace Owners can Do in a Disabled Workspace? 

An Owner can continue to perform all the functions as they were able to do before they Disabled the Workspace. 

How does Billing work for a Disabled Workspace?

Your pay-as-you-go billing will continue regardless of the status of your Workspace if you are in one of our paid plans.