Administration: Table of Contents

A. Manage Users 

  1. Understand User Management 
  2. Add/Invite Users to your Workspace 
  3. Invite Users using your Domain(s)
  4. View All your Workspace Users 
  5. Delete a User 
  6. Disable a User 
  7. Enable a User 
  8. Invoke Reset Password on a User 
  9. Change Role Assigned to a User 
  10. View Invited Users 
  11. Revoke Invitation for a User 
  12. Resend Invitation to a User 
  13. View Deleted User 

B. Manage Groups 

  1. Understanding Group Management 
  2. View List of all Groups 
  3. Create Custom Groups 
  4. Add Users to Groups 
  5. Remove Users from Groups 
  6. Delete Custom Groups 
  7. Rename Custom Groups 

C. Workspace Management 

  1. Guide: Workspace General Settings 
  2. Upload, Chang, or Remove your Workspace Logo 
  3. Joining a Workspace 
  4. Set Display Name Guidelines for Workspace Users 
  5. Change E-mail and Contact Numbers Privacy for Users 
  6. Set Workspace Timezone 
  7. Change Date and Time Formats of your Workspace 
  8. Change Workspace Name and URL 
  9. Set Audit Log Duration Settings 
  10. Change Session Termination Duration 

D. Workspace Management for Owners Only 

  1. Understand the Disabled Status of the Workspace 
  2. How to disable your Workspace 
  3. How to Log in to a Disabled Workspace 
  4. How to Enable your Disabled Workspace 
  5. Change Workspace Ownership 

E. Audit Log 

  1. Understand Audit Log
  2. View Audit Log
  3. Audit Log Duration 
  4. How to Download Audit Log 
  5. Search and Filter in Audit Log 

F. Role Management 

  1. Understanding Role Management 
  2. Accessing Role Management 
  3. Create Custom Roles 
  4. Changing Rights Associated with a Role 
  5. Rename Roles 
  6. Change Default Role 
  7. Delete Roles 

G. Workspace Trash 

  1. Understand Workspace Trash 
  2. View Workspace Trash Settings 
  3. Empty Workspace Trash 
  4. Set Workspace Trash Duration 

H. Billing and Subscription 

  1. Understanding how dox2U Billing Works 
  2. Plans that dox2U has to Offer 
  3. How to Upgrade from Base to Growth/Paid plan 
  4. How to view your usage breakdown in the current billing month in a paid w/s
  5. How to Edit your Billing Details 
  6. How to Manage Payment Methods 
  7. How to Manage Invoices