Understand User Management

dox2U provides granular User Management allowing you to easily manage users in your workspace and providing controls over rights assigned to users.

User Management can be performed either by the Owner / Admin of the Workspace or by any other User who’ve been granted rights to “Manage Users and Groups”.

 Following are some of the functions you can perform as part of User Management:

  1. View a list of all Users in your workspace
  2. Invite new members to your Team
  3. Manage invited users (who’ve not signed up as yet)
  4. Change Role assigned to a User. Check how
  5. Enforce a User to change their password  
  6. Disable / Enable a User 
  7. Delete a User from Workspace 

To access User Management:

Step 1: Go to the “Admin” section in the side menu of your Dashboard and click on the “Users” link. 

📓Things to be noted 

  • You can manage Users (Invite, Disable, Delete, etc..) from the All Users link on the secondary nav bar
  • To manage Invited Users, click Invited Users link on the secondary nav bar
  • For a list of Deleted Users, click Deleted Users link on the secondary nav bar
  • You can use the search available on each of these pages for quick retrieval of a user In the list