Delete A User

Deleting a User will permanently remove the User from your workspace and the User will no longer be able to access the workspace.

When deleting a User, you also have the option to either remove the documents owned by that User from your workspace or you may transfer those documents to another user as an Owner.

To delete a user, follow these steps -

Step 1: Go to the “Admin” section in the side menu of your Dashboard and click on the “Users” page. 

Step 2: Under the “Users” page, select “All users”

Step 3: Click the menu button [3 dots] and select “Delete”

Step 4: If the user who is getting deleted has some documents in their ownership, you will be shown an option to transfer the ownership of those documents to yourself or to any other existing user. You can also choose to delete these documents from your workspace. 

Step 5: Press “Confirm” to proceed with user deletion.

The deleted user will be removed from your Workspace. 

📓Things to be noted 

- User Management can be performed either by the Owner / Admin of the Workspace or by any other User who’ve been granted rights to “Manage Users and Groups”.

- If the user being deleted has any documents assigned to them for verification, those documents will also be transferred to an alternate User chosen by you.

- If there are documents owned by any user other than the user being deleted which have been assigned to the deleted user for verification, then those documents are re-assigned to their respective owners for verification.