Enable A User

Any disabled User can be enabled again which will re-instate the User’s access to your workspace. The User will be re-assigned all previous rights / roles in your workspace and will be able to perform all functions as was done earlier.

To enable a user, follow these steps -

Step 1: Go to the “Admin” section in the side menu of your Dashboard and click on the “Users” page. 

Step 2: Under the “Users” page, select “All users”

Step 3: Click the menu button [3 dots] and select “Enable” if a user is Disabled.

Step 4: In the dialogue box that pops us, press “Confirm” to continue with the enabling process or press “Cancel” to abort. 

The user will be enabled to access the Workspace again. 

📓Things to be noted 

  • User Management can be performed either by the Owner / Admin of the Workspace or by any other User who’ve been granted rights to “Manage Users and Groups”.