Understanding Group Management

dox2U provides the functionality of ‘groups’ in order to make the internal document-sharing process easier and more convenient. Check how to share documents with users and groups. 

When you create a new Workspace, a General group is created by default and all users are added to this group automatically. Users cannot be removed from the General group and would continue to exist in this group as long as they are a part of your workspace.

Depending on the Plan that your workspace is in, you have the option to Create new custom groups and assign users to these custom groups. It is also possible that a User can co-exist in more than one group.

📓Things to be noted -

  • Only the Owner, Admin, or a member with Manage Users & Groups right enabled can create a custom group and perform the associated functionalities. 
  • Each member automatically becomes a part of the General group and stays there unless they’re permanently deleted from the Workspace itself. 
  • Creating a custom group is supported only in our paid Growth & Pro plans.