Download a Document

dox2U lets you download documents (subject to your having rights) added in your workspace, from anywhere within your workspace, except from ‘My Queue’.

Let’s see how.

To download your documents from the pages mentioned above, follow these steps:

Step 1: Select the document(s) that you want to download. Use (Windows / Linux), (Mac) or [shift] to select multiple documents.

Step 2: Click the menu button    and select Download. 

💡Alternatively, you can download your selected document(s) by using the “Download” button [icon pic] from the action bar.

Step 3: In the dialogue box that pops us, choose a format and press “Download” to continue with the download process or press “Cancel” to abort. 

💡You can either download a file in its originally uploaded format or choose to convert it into a PDF format and then download the same.

💡💡For users on our Pro plan, we also provide the functionality to download files related to Text Extraction. You can choose between downloading a Searchable PDF or the Extracted Text as a .txt file 

📓NOTE: You can only download docs where you are the Owner. To download a doc that is shared with you but owned by someone else, you must have the “Download and Print” right enabled. Understand rights in dox2U