Understanding Roles & Rights in dox2U

Each action performed on a particular document in a dox2U Workspace is pre-dominantly driven by rights and roles. Let’s understand each role and right in detail. 


Roles are responsibilities that are assigned to users of a Workspace by either the Owner or the Admin. There are a total of 4 types of system-defined, non-modifiable, or deletable roles. Except for the ones mentioned above, all other roles can be created by either Admin or Workspace Owner, or a member who has the right of role management. Let’s see each system-defined role in detail. 

S.No. Role
1Workspace Owner 
3Full Member 









Rights are a set of system-defined permissions that a user requires in order to perform any function in the dox2U Workspace. There is a total of 8 types of defined rights. While the Owner or the Admin enjoys all of them, they can also choose to give them to other Users of the Workspace. Let’s see each system-defined right in detail.

S.No. Rights 
1Document Upload
2Download and Print Document 
3Edit Documents 
4Delete Documents 
5Guest Sharing 
6Manage Users and Groups 
7Create and Modify Roles 
8Workspace Management 


To know how to assign roles and rights, click here