dox2U Dictionary

This dictionary defines common terms that you might see as you're working in dox2U, or throughout our Help Centre.


Advanced Search 

Using ‘Advanced Search’ in dox2U, it's easy to retrieve any document at your fingertips. This search feature allows you to retrieve a document either by its title or even by its content. Use the search field to find a file and narrow results using filters and modifiers. You may even use our advanced filters to narrow down your retrieval process. 

Audit Log 

dox2U’s audit log lets you trace the activity of each action performed on a particular document. This feature can be accessed by the Owner of the Workspace, the Admin or anyone with the right of ‘Workspace Management’ enabled. 


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Your dox2U dashboard is the homepage of your Workspace. You can perform various functions within the dashboard like seeing how many total users are currently active on your Workspace, the total number of uploaded documents, documents that are recently added, and total dPages consumed. You can also have a list-based view of the documents that were last accessed, documents present on the ‘Owned by me page’, ‘Shared with me’ page, and the documents that are still in the upload process. and You can also visit each and every page available to your Workspace through the Navigation Menu [Link to Navigation Menu term if possible] on the left-hand side. 

Docs in Upload 

Docs in upload refer to the documents that have been uploaded but need to be verified before being added to your Workspace. My Queue is a list of all documents that need to be verified by you whereas Workspace Queue is a list of all documents, verified and unverified, that have been uploaded and added to your Workspace. present in the. You can view all the documents that you have uploaded in this section. 

Document Owner 

A document owner is a person who owns the uploaded and/or verified document present in the Workspace. 

Document Verifier 

A document verifier refers to a person who verifies document(s) after they have been uploaded to your Workspace. 

Deep Search 

Deep Search refers to the in-depth retrieval of the document present in your Workspace using content from within the document. It is a subscription-based feature. 

Deleted User 

A ‘deleted user’ refers to a user who is no longer a part of your Workspace because they have been removed by the Workspace owner or administrator. 

Document Upload Limit

As the name suggests, the document upload limit refers to the maximum capacity of a Workspace owner to upload their documents onto their Workspace. The document upload limit is subscription-dependent.  

Document Download Limit 

As the name suggests, the document download limit refers to the maximum capacity of a Workspace owner to download their documents from their Workspace. The document download limit is subscription-dependent.  


“dPages” is a unique conversion unit of dox2U which has been carefully designed to ease the process of calculations and balance for our users. Each dox2U page is equivalent to 500 KB of data (almost an average size of an A4 size page scanned @ 300dpi). The prime objective of this conversion unit is to avoid confusion amongst the users when it comes to physical units like KB, MB, GB, TB, etc. 


Extracted Text

The extracted text refers to the text present in a document that has been made searchable through text extraction technology. Check how [Link to text extraction article]. 


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Guest Access 

Guest Access is one of dox2U’s many utilities. As the name suggests, “Guest-sharing” lets you share documents with external guests in a secure and hassle-free way, without them necessarily being added to your Workspace. You can invite your guests to view a doc by simply putting in their email. 


A Group is a set of users in a Workspace with different roles and rights that help you in simplifying your document-sharing process. 


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Invited User 

An invited user is the one who has been invited to be a part of your Workspace. 


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Last Accessed 

Last Accessed’ documents are those on whom either view, edit, print, or download action has been performed within a defined period. 


My Queue 

‘My Queue’ consists of a list of documents that have been uploaded by a user but are yet to be verified. 


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Owned by Me 

‘Owned by Me’ consists of a list of documents that a user owns. The ownership of a document can be transferred. 


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Roles and Rights

Roles and Rights govern the different actions and functionalities that a user can perform in a Workspace. They can be assigned or de-assigned for any user by the Owner or the Admin of the Workspace. 


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Text Extraction 

Text Extraction is a feature provided by dox2U using advanced OCR / ICR technologies that convert text from images into a workable digitized format.


Trash refers to the page where all your deleted documents go till the time you decide to restore them or delete them permanently. 


Tags are like digital forms of bookmarks that help in adding additional metadata to documents to make the process of document retrieval easier for users. 


Templates refer to a pre-defined set of tags. They’re customizable in nature. 


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A Workspace is the central, online home for your team and uploaded docs. It is a digital repository where you can store all your important documents, and work on them at your convenience. 

Workspace Logo 

A Workspace logo refers to the symbolism of your organization on your dox2U Workspace. 

Workspace Owner 

A Workspace Owner refers to a person who creates a Workspace. 

Workspace Queue 

‘Workspace Queue’ consists of a list of all the documents that have been uploaded by different users of your Workspace but are yet to be verified. 

Workspace URL 

A ‘Workspace URL’ refers to the unique address of your Workspace within dox2U.