Filters of Smart Cabinet

Smart Cabinet provides you a set of pre-defined Filters that are dynamic in nature such that on selecting any one (or more) Filters, the resultant Filters, as well as the resultant documents, are updated to help you narrow down to your desired result quickly. Smart Cabinet provides you with a set of pre-defined Filter categories to choose from.

Filter Name Functionality 
Added Date This filter lets you choose the dates on which the document was added to Workspace’ as a shortlisting  criteria.  
Owned By This category helps you retrieve documents on the basis of their ownership. 
Tags This filter lets you get to the document using a specific tag, added to them.  You have the option of choosing either the Label or the Value of any added tag.










📓Things to be noted 

  • Each filter compliments each other and works in sync. For example - if you have selected the ‘Added Date’ and ‘Owned by’ filters, they will show you results that will be a combination of the search input. In this case, the retrieved documents will be of a particular owner who added certain documents on the specified date. 
  • You can have a look at all the applied filters in your retrieval process, by clicking on [FUNNEL ICON] present in the ‘Filters’ window.